Have you ever wanted to plan a party and thought, where do I even begin? 

Maybe you Googled "event space" in your hometown, only to find that event spaces are the one exception to Google's perfect search results. 

Maybe you were looking for a place to have your wedding, but ended up on a site that bombarded you with hundreds of flashing advertisements, forcing you to answer twenty-five questions about your wedding before you could even access the page you wanted. 

Does this sound familiar? Yeah. And do you know what it is? Dumb.

Partyista is here to end the insanity and stop the dumbness. This is 2014, people. If Americans can send a robot to roam Mars, why can't we create a functional, easy-to-use, search engine for wedding and event venues that has all the info you'd ever need? 

Well worry no more as Partyista has set out to bring transparency to the party planning process. We will list every wedding venue and give you honest information about what it looks like inside and how much it costs. 

What's more, we'll give you detailed info on the features that are essential to you, from catering to accessibility. The list will never be driven by advertisements or promotions, but only by what you are searching for. The site that you are looking at right now is a baby. We want it to grow into the most awesome, comprehensive list of amazing venues across the country. Please help us become the best search tool for you, awesome wedding and event planner, by sharing your thoughts with us. Email lauren@partyista.com to let us know how we can make your life easier. Tell us what you love, what you hate, and what you'd like to see.

Partyista, it's party planning made easy.