Q: Why only DC venues?
A: We just launched! Give us a minute and we will get to nearby cities.

Q: Why just weddings and rehearsal dinners?
A: Most people get married and everyone can relate to these big events. That doesn't mean this site is just for weddings. A big room for a wedding could also be perfect for a Bar Mitzvah. A great place for a rehearsal dinner could be a pretty a sweet place for that company board meeting you've been organizing. 

Q: What if I know of an awesome venue that is not on this list?
A: Email lauren@partyista.com and tell her about it. 

Q: Can I work at Partyista?
A:  Right now Partyista is looking for a social media intern

Q: Who made your sweet video? 
A:  Matt Patton of Gaucho Pictures. If you need an awesome video, you should give him a shout. 

Q: How did you get all this data? All these photos?
A: The Partyista team went to all these venues to check them out. The photos are all provided by the venue themselves or they were taken by Partyista. If you want to use of one of our photos, you must let us know. 

Q: Who is running this show?
A: Lauren Wolfe. She's planned everything from a week's worth of political convention programming to her high school prom. She enjoys Cool Ranch Doritos and technological solutions to life's problems.

Q: How much is $$$?
A: The average wedding in Washington, DC costs 33,727 dollars.* This includes everything from the venue space to the gown. Just about half of the total wedding budget ends up going to the venue. If they are providing the space to party, the food, and the drinks, it can all add up quickly. Here is a breakdown of what the numbers mean. 

$ Your money is going to your future child's college fund
Ex: The Marvin Center at GWU   
$$ Under average in cost, over average in awesome
Ex: Long View Gallery   
$$$ Your day will cost just about as much as everyone else's
Ex: Decatur House   
$$$$ Warming up the ritzy!
Ex: Union Station   
$$$$$ Kate Middleton has nothing on you
Ex: The Willard Intercontinental   

These numbers are just a guide. With a shoe string budget you may able to afford to have an event somewhere a much pricier if you don't serve alcohol. (Okay, Okay that is not the only option!) The farther way from downtown Washington DC you throw your wedding, the less expensive it usually is. 

Think about your space - have you thought about having your wedding in an old mansion? A fancy restaurant? These could be just as impressive, yet much less expensive options than a five-star hotel ballroom. 

Think about when you want to have the wedding. An evening weekend wedding in July is going to be more expensive than a wedding in October. At the rate we are going, it is likely to be 80 degrees and beautiful into October, so what is the difference really? And do you have to have your party on Saturday night? What about Friday night? Sunday afternoon? Are all your friends creative self-employed types - why not Monday night? 

The world of planning for your wedding is yours. You could get the fanciest place in DC if you have your event on a Tuesday afternoon in January. These numbers have a lot of variables and they are just meant to help you narrow your search. Have fun!

*The Knot Real Weddings Survey